About Us

South Florida Digital Marketing

AFG Solutions is an advanced South Florida digital marketing and data science company. Our affordable strategic digital marketing services and reasonable fees enable our clients to effectively use the Internet to dramatically improve their online business. We use advanced data science methods to help our clients achieve marketing objectives and goals.

We help our clients expand and successfully operate online business in the US, Europe and Latin America. Our search engine marketing consultants specialize in local, regional, or national areas. Among our services: multiple comparative and statistical analysis, web sites quality control, advanced SEO approach, information on inbound and outbound linking, possible competition, and methods of Internet marketing and strategic search engine optimization. We also design and gather information on the target group for distribution and create profile databases. Contact our digital analytics company for more information.

We are avid supporters of advanced SEO approach process in search engine marketing. This process assumes that there are three vital key tasks of strategic SEM services that are repeated in cycles to maximize feedback from any Web presence. Integrated Approach is represented by the following simple formula: Promote - Analyze - Maintain.

"Promote" simply means to increase site online visibility. One would think, that , if the site is published on the Web, theoretically it is exposed to everybody who browses the Internet. Yet, in reality, this published site is still invisible, because no one knows it exists. It is not found on the search engines when people search for terms relevant to your offering. Promotion means efficiently communicating your message to your target audience - mainly with the help of the search engines that are vital to the process of finding you by potential customers. The aim of this stage is getting traffic to your site.

The Integrated Approach requires that, at the promotion stage, several sub tasks should be completed in order to drive suitable visitors to visit your Web site. These sub tasks include researching keywords, optimizing pages and site structure, submitting pages to search engines, monitoring and analyzing rankings. Once all these steps are completed, our digital experts analyze the results and repeat the cycle, now armed with the extra data.

We use use modern Internet technologies to understand site's visitors and adjust things more to their needs. This stage comes when Web site has enough traffic due to the promotion work that has already been done. The aim of the this Web analysis is to improve visitor-to-buyer conversion. The results of the analysis are used in another promotion cycle, after which Web site's conversion should be analyzed again, repeating the process until site reaches the "maximum transactions" point that it can generate.

Our search engine marketing consultants make your Web site as convenient as possible for the audience, thus improving visitor's browsing experience. Visitors consist of humans and search engine robots. These robots need to be fed information properly and like human visitors, they can leave Web site because of a simple broken links. Thus, Site Quality Management is the third part of the Integrated Approach and it maximizes the results of the first two tasks.