About Us

Access & Visualize Your Data

Your Interactive Reports

We are using Google Data Studio to visualize your data and turn it into informative easy to read and share fully customizable dashboards and reports. We make these reports interactive with viewer filters and data range controls. Your reports can be annotated and branded with text and images too. Everything is possible with GDS: we can even incude links and clickable images to create product catalogs, video libraries and hyperlinked content. Your data story can be told with all possible charts, geo maps, bubble graphs, paginated data tables, pivot tables and more

Access Any Data

With the help of Google Data Studio we can easily connect to a wide variety of data. You don't have to hire and spend money on the additional development team. We can connect to any Google Marketing Platform products, Google consumer products (like Google Sheets, YouTube and such), databases, flat files, you name it.

Collaborate and Share

All these reports can be stored as files on the Google Drive. So, it is easy for a client to share these files with assigned employees, teams, etc. Per your request, we can even embed your reports in other pages, blog posts, marketing articles and annual reports.