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Experiment with Google Optimize

We are using Google Optimize to continually test different combinations of your website content. This helps increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction. Google Optimize is a free website optimization tool that can test any element that exists as HTML code on your page. We can conduct three types of experiments on your website: A/B test, Multivariate Test and Redirect Test

A/B Test

A/B test is an experiment that uses two or more variants of the same page: Variant A and Variant B. Using two versions: A and B is the major type of A/B testing. However, we can test many variants at the same time - A,B,C,D, etc. For example, you can use a different call to action on each variant, or a button with different wording.

Multivariate Test

A multivariate test or (MVT) tests variants of two or more elements to see which combination of elements creates the best outcome. Instead of showing which web page variant is most effective (as in A/B test), multivariate test identifies the most effective variant of each element. MVT also analyzes the interaction between these elements. Thus, MVT is extremely useful for optimizing multimple aspects of a web page.

Redirect Test

A redirect test (also called Split test) is a type of A/B test that allows you to test separate pages against each other. Durint this test you can change the URL of the page instead of the elements on the web page. For example, the visitors will be shown contact.html page and contact2.html. Redirect tests are extremely useful when the client wants to test two very different designs of a web page.