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Tag Manager Administration

We administer Your Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is the essential tool for implementing additional tracking for your web sites. We set up, configure and run Google Tag Manager for our gold plan subscribers. Clients who signed for our silver plan can request GTM services as an option. We will install all necessary tags and triggers to track the performance of your marketing efforts. The benefits of GTM are plenty, but you need the experienced Web and Digital Analysts to deploy all the tags from simple to very advanced.

Why do you need Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that manages JavaScript and HTML tags created for tracking and analytics on websites. Tags are snippets of code, usually written in JavaScript. Many third parties use the data collected by these tags to enable reporting and targeting. Big companies' websites are full of these tags. The web pages are peppered with them. Tags can be anywhere on the page depending on how the how the developers chose to put them. This caused and is still causing a lot of problems.

A little bit of GTM History

Before when you needed to change tags on the page you had to send a request to the developers. But they usually have their own priority list where changing your tags take probably the last place. So a little change on the web page might turn into a very expensive issue. Even when the developers make the changes and put the release into production, you will still need quite a few people to make sure that everything is working fine. Surprisingly, even now this situation exists in many companies.

GTM comes to the rescue

Google Tag Manager practically eliminates the need to put individual tags on your pages. GTM provides a container for your website. GTM JavaScript code sits and listens to actions happening on your page. After you add it on every page, you can manage all your tags on an interface of your tag manager. This helps avoid your dependence on IT as we can make all your tag changes really fast.